The scope of studying abroad has expanded over the years. Thanks to globalisation, students can now access the best of universities across the world. Studying abroad definitely provides students a macro-understanding of the world and keeps them highly competitive.
You can improve your understanding of global culture, economics and their inter-dependencies. You gain a different view of international affairs, politics and social issues. You may develop a new academic interest or perspective on your major while you are abroad. A stint at a university abroad allows you to study subjects that are not available at your home country. It gives you more than a nice boost to your resume and improves your post-graduate employment prospects, particularly if you’re considering a career in business, international affairs or government services.
By studying abroad -
    •	You get a globally recognised degree
    •	Courses are experience oriented and give you a better outlook towards the world
    •	Updated and current teaching methodologies
    •	Course fees are comparable to Private Indian Institutions
    •	Work opportunities open up all over the world (Not just in INDIA)
    •	You make professional and person contacts for life
    •	Visit and learn cultural heritage of different countries