My experience of growing up, imparted education on how to cope with people of a different culture and in facing difficulties that arise from being “different”. The lessons learnt there have stayed with me for life that fundamentally people world over are made of the same fabric and we need to be open minded, understand each other and to avoid prejudices.

A2Educations style and substances stems from the vast personal experience that I have brought to the service. The brand is trusted for the quality of advice, breadth of thinking, our values of ethics and integrity and processes that are transparent and streamlined that are all interwoven into every aspect of our counselling

The company provides an end to end service that begins with sensible and informed discussions with students and parents and ends with taking the hassle out of the application process, getting the visas done and preparing for life at a distant university leaving students free to get on with their academics or leaving them free to enjoy some leisure time.

The organization recognizes the nature of the job markets and strives to align the contingent nature of markets with the interests and passion of our students and their goals. One of the objectives in our counseling is to anticipate change in the marketplace that would impact jobs and careers.

As an organization we have an inherent duty to not only keeping up with the changes but also in devising methods and constantly improvising our services such that the student is made aware of emerging opportunities and challenges. Our relationships with universities allow us to give students inputs and to keep the universities updated on the opportunities available in our geographic area of operations that allow them to frame policies which are student friendly while referring suitably matched students to them. A2 Educations also do everything possible to negotiate the best possible outcome for students within the established guidelines.

Assisting students is both an art and a science and A2Educations brand has become synonymous with global education and career planning having assisted hundreds of thousands of students reach clarity of purpose while assisting with the process of achieving higher or further education goals. As many as 90% of the students and parents come to us through referrals, as they have been told by our clients “For the right advice go to A2Educations “.

My life experience has taught me that the secret to success is always to enjoy what one does. Our passion to assist young people in making informed and sensible decisions, to progress their career path and in achieving their dreams to becoming successful global citizens. Our reward is when students or parents tell us that we helped them succeed in their goals and lives.